Why YOU should time-travel to Ancient Greece!

One of my best friends is a teacher and she recently gave her kids an assignment on ancient Greece. Basically, the assignment was to create a poster for a travel company that was going to take tourists back to Ancient Greece. Wonderful things ensued.

Here are the exact instructions:

A new time-travelling company is selling trips to Ancient Greece!

 Your job is make an advertisement for the company to attract customers.

When designing your advertisement, you should be focusing on at least two(2) important things that the traveller will experience in Ancient Greece that is different from modern-dayCanada. Think: why would someone want to go to Ancient Greece? What would they see or do there?

Think about important events and inventions, as well as the environment and what life was like in Ancient Greece.

Your advertisement must include:

-The name of the travel company (make one up!)

-A logo and slogan (be creative!)

-Visuals (printed pictures or drawings) AND written text

-The date and location (Greece, or you can be more specific and choose a city-state)

So here we go! Enjoy!

Some of these amazing kids chose to focus on the sporting events:


Bringing back the good old days indeed!


Just in case you missed the warning:



Other kids chose to focus on the more martial aspects of the ancient Greek world:

She really must have made the Trojan War seem cool. To be fair, so did Hollywood and I would not mind front seats to a Brad Pitt/Eric Bana show.


So…do I get 30 percent off? Or 90 percent? This is confusing, Traveling to the Past Inc.


And don’t blame them if your family finds Ancient Greek warfare irresistible!

Its just good sense to protect yourself legally.

It is just good sense to protect yourself legally.


One brilliant child really knows what happens in Greece:




She even drew a picture of ME!

That wine brings tears to my eyes.

A me-sized bottle of wine would make you dream green bubbles, yes…


Some children really hit on the, um, different social hierarchies that the Greeks enjoyed…

"More kids? Come on woman, you wanna kill me?"

“More kids? Come on woman, you wanna kill me?”

Don’t worry, she responds with: “Come on dude you live here and your complaining” so this travel company is still kinda reminding you that it’s awesome, right?

And, finally. This. Kid. Nails it.

Simple. Perfect.



Simple. Perfect.

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One thought on “Why YOU should time-travel to Ancient Greece!

  1. This is super. Good teachers make for great students.

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